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Update on Grant Bennett

17 May

I’m sorry I have not kept this report updated.  I’ve hoped that the news would improve, that their would be hope or some kind of sign of God’s hand in this.  Not to say God wanted Grant to do this but He always works with what he’s got for the good of those who serve Him.  Grant serves God with all his heart.  He made a choice, yes, a bad choice and has thrown his life into turmoil worse than it ever was before.  But I have to keep reminding myself that God can work with Him, even now.  He can choose to miraculously heal him or He can choose to work within the confinds of what He is given.  Who are we to judge what’s best.


I went to visit Grant in the hospital on Saturday afternoon.  I met up with his wife, son and parents.  I was so excited to hear that we could take him to the coffee shop for the visit.  But I was stopped dead in my tracks when I saw him.  I think when he’s lying in a bed with blankets over him you don’t get to see the huge weight loss as you do when he’s in a wheel chair in front of you.  He’s whole face has changed shape. He’s lost so much weight it’s disturbing to look at him.  I’m talking skinny.  He speaks so softly you have to be right by his face to hear a word he’s saying.  His eyes dance around but there’s an emptyness in them.  He was very lucid when I went.  Chatting about how he’s lost track of time, dates, days of the week and life.  As we pushed him through the hospital he said, wow, you kind of forget life happens outside of those room walls.  His mom pushed him into the sun outside and I thought he would love to get some fresh air but he said he needed to go back in.

He has had a few strokes while in high care leaving him with brain damage ontop of the damage done in the suicide attempt – lack of oxygen.  Although he speaks sense occassionally he is clearly not quite there.  He stares quietly at people and is totally uninvolved in the conversation.  He pulled his wife and son to him in an embrace and spoke to them both but I don’t know what was said, whatever it was, I do hope it healed just a small part of their heart.

His son was patient and understanding although innitially shocked to see the change in his dad.  After settling in he helped him pour his coke, helped him pick up the glass and sip from the straw.  It must have been heartbreaking for him but he put on a brave face and really tried to have a normal visit. 

This last week the doctors said that Grant had bleeding on the brain.  They were not sure what caused and why it started or stopped but it did. 

His kidneys have improved slightly and he’s on dialysis less often.  I’m not sure but I think it’s every 2 – 3 days now. The doctors still say it’s impossible for him to be transfered because of his kidneys so he’s staying at Olivedale untill he’s more stable.

They were looking at amputating his arm as it’s not functioning at all through severe clotting but after several tests it was said that he could get full function from it in several years.

His family takes one day at a time.  Not knowing what they will face tomorrow and not daring to think of the future.  Grant will never work again and will need permanent care.  A scary thought for anyone to face.

Please continue to keep this family in your prayers.  Pray for strength, hope and God’s leading in their lives.  Pray for Grant, may God use this for His glory in some way.


22 April

Grant’s scans revealed he has had 2 strokes while in hospital.  He is still very confused and brain damage is definate.  His memory may get better but he will never be able to work again or live a normal life.  He is also possibly never going to be able to use his right arm.

Obviously this news is devastating for the family. your continued prayers for complete healing or for God to take him home.

20 April

Grant is in High Care.  He is still on Dialysis 3 hours per day and is in complete kidney failure.  He has a large blood clot in his arm that is causing concern.  They have to be careful what medication to give him because of his kidneys so breaking down the clot is difficult.  The arm is VERY inflamed and painful.  His fingers look twice their normal size. 

He was totally lucid today, knowing exactly where he was and what was going on.  Apparently he slips in and out of this mode though so continue to pray for clarity of his thoughts.

Please pray for his kidneys.  They need to function on their own.  Also pray for the blood clot that the doctors are able to break it down.

Mentally, he was very sad today.  Tottally withdrawn and quiet. 

Thank you for your prayers.  The family need every bit of help they can get. 

18 April

Grant is still in ICU on dialysis.  Please pray for his kidneys to start functioning so that they can take him off the machines.  He is still very confused, please pray for clarity of mind.  The children are back at school and life has to return to some sort of normality for them.  Please pray for Tanya that she is able to cope with the adjustment of being a single working mom. 

14 April

No change in Grant.  Still very confused. Still in ICU. Doctors don’t seem to be offering any time frame on if or when he will be thinking more clearly.

13 April
Grant is awake and talking non stop but not making much sense.  He asks for the bill like he’s at a resturant, tells us Hitler was a broken man but with such a good heart.  Makes no reference to his suicide attempt and no logical conversation.  The doctors say it may still be all the toxins in his system.  He has kidney failure and has been on dialysis non stop for the last few days.  This will be his major concern if he pulls through.  His body is so full of toxins it’s bloated and hard. 

Bryce (his son) saw him for just a few minutes today but he chatted nonsense with him.  Concerning time as nobody can tell where this is going.  Is it temp or permanent, how much damage will be done and what kind of life will he have after this.  

12 April
Grant was taken off the ventilator today.  He recognised people but was very confused. 

11 April – 9:25pm
Grant is awake and aware of where he is.  He’s still on a ventilator and obviously very frustrated that he can’t communicate.  His liver and kidney damage is severe and his body is bloated with toxins.  The ventilator is removed tomorrow and the family will visit after so that they can chat.

11 April – 11am

Grant woke up today and was responding to commands but did not seem to recognise or make any sign of recognition or understanding when seeing anybody.  They were going to try take him off the ventilator today.



  1. Prayers and thoughts as always!!!

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