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Jets and Jewels – Live Out Loud – ExecuJet Function

Held at one of the ExecuJet hanger, Lanseria Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa, 9 May 2009

The day arrived, 10 May 2009, the famous Jets & Jewels event held by Michael’s magazine Live Out Loud in partnership with ExecuJet was being held at Lanseria airport.  With a guest list of over 600 dignitaries and of course …us, and a price tag in the millions to put it all together, we dug deep into our cupboards, borrowed from neighbours and came up with some snazzy outfits that would allow us safe passage into this prestigious event.

Michael had been telling us about the finer details for weeks with great excitement. We were given strict instructions that this was one that we had a responsibility to be at.  To be honest, Steve and I are not very into the glitz and glamour world and dragged our feet a bit at the thought of having to attend on such a freezing cold evening. Hot choc and DVD’s sounded like a better option.  But, it was not negotiable and so we arranged babysitters for Josh and headed out to Lanseria.

Wow!  Was my first impression as we pulled into the car park and spotted the first of many cars by Maserati, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce parked in and around the venue.  We were met by staff dressed in red and black formal wear offering to cater to our every need.  “May I take your coat?”, “Would you like a glass of champagne?” – the kind of treatment you are not used to unless you frequent five-star resorts on a regular basis.

With a glass of real champagne in hand we were led past some luxurious private jets and into the main event.  How snazzy can a aeroplane hangar be….well, incredibly awesome!  Wow!  Breathtaking!  With what looked like white tiled floors, white fabric draped on all the walls, a white stage lit from beneath and above and a private Jet and Rolls Royce parked in the centre, it clearly was going to be quite an event.

One of the glasses of champagne had a real diamond in compliments of Arthur Kaplin – sadly not ours! The young man who won it gave it to his mom for Mother’s Day.

The food done by Franz Catering was delicious, served by white-masked waiters in tuxedos who were constantly tempting you with more.  We drank cocktails from the one bar, champagne from the other and didn’t even try out the wine, beer and whiskey bars scattered around. These were provided by Bar Code, Benguelacove Wines, Brandhouse Premium Whiskeys and SAB.

There was a string quartet playing for awhile followed by a pianist on the grand piano found in one section of the hangar, right next to one of many sets of the white leather lounge suites sponsored by Bakos Brothers.

The day before the event the lighting rig from Multimedia Staging proved to be too heavy for the roof trusses and engineers had to be called in to ensure that the load was correctly distributed. Eventually the lighting and sound problems were sorted, giving the event the technical support it needed. Additional lighting in the form of exquisite chandeliers were by Limelight Design.

We had a private tour of a luxurious charter Jet that reminded me of the Rolls Royce parked just outside.  Cream leather interior seated 8 people comfortably with 5 star catering and chairs that turned into full length beds to sleep it’s occupants should they be flying to London overnight.  I sat in the cockpit and marveled at all the buttons, lights, screens and the whole vibe of being in the driving seat of something that costs more than I could ever imagine to make in a lifetime.

A Jet landed just outside the hangar and models (Thulani Brand Ambassadors) were wearing the latest designs from Leivsons (Hugo Boss, Boss, Armani and La Coste).  There were pillars with ladies draped in jewels who would stand like statues until you approached and then swooped down to show off their diamond rings, watches and chunky jeweled necklaces. These were provided by World’s Finest Jewellery and Athur Kaplans.

Colin Moss was the MC for the event and lightened the mood with his lighthearted humour.  Michael came out on stage dressed in a black suit, black shirt and shiny red tie and made a short welcome speech, thank you’s to sponsors and an introduction to the Live Out Loud magazine – he did a great job and spoke very well, relaxed and in control.

A dancer took over the stage and did a routine climbing up two pieces of white fabric draped from the ceiling.  Everything about the event was just perfect, five-star and luxurious.

The Live Out Loud lady staff  looked amazing dressed in designer outfits sponsored by Cheerine Anderson.  The staff really need to be congratulated for working so hard and putting the event together, I was amazed at the end product and know there was quite a bit of last minute panic behind the scenes but it was smooth sailing on the day.

It was a lovely evening and a real treat.  Steve just smiled with so much pride as he watched Michael on stage.  We were all very proud of Mike and marvelled that he’s only 27.  What makes it more incredible is that after such a larney event on the Saturday night, Michael arrived dressed as Barney, dancing and singing Barney’s theme songs to entertain Josh and his friends the very next morning at our home!

We are so proud of you Mike.

Report by Carole and Steve Eilertsen – Mike’s parents.

Other sponsors were: Chrysalis Products, Gorgeous and Tanaz, Proteia Coin Security, Legends Golf Course, Multimedia Staging, Investic, Bombardier, Amouage, Lovemore Music, Viglietti Motors and Status Luxury

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  1. Michael, we are so very proud of you and what you have achieved. We are also thrilled that you made a personal commitment when you were at the Mighty Men Conference. God will bless you mightily as you learn to serve Him through your daily walk with Him either at work or at play. Stay as sweet as you are. We love you very much. Ron and Gailxxxxxxxxxxx

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