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Joshua Update – Winter wonders

topHi all

Joshua is now 3!  Wow….I sometimes have to stop myself from the hustle and bustle of life and just stare at him.  Capture him in my mind as the little boy he is now, knowing that even next week, he’ll be different.

I must admit that in the 3 years there were times that seemed to crawl by.  The first 3 months of his life being the time that pops into my mind but there were others.  Now, time is racing on and I often have to stop and savour what we have.  I’m so blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a mom and even more blessed to have Josh to experience this time with.

Since I last wrote Josh has been attending Nursery school since January this year and is now very involved in the activities and the new friends.  We discovered all kinds of personality traits about him since he started at school.  He connects with one or two people and doesn’t like too many kids around him at the same time.  He’ll pull Adeley aside and play with her and get very upset when she plays with other kids.  He became very attached to his teacher (Mandy) who started off the year and took about 2 months to get used to Teacher Anthea when Mandy suddenly left.  He enjoys school but given the opportunity he will happily skip it and stay home with Patience (child minder).


We recieved his report at our very first parents evening a few weeks ago.  Steve calls it his BUT report.  Josh listens attentively BUT is easily distracted.  Josh can do all the puzzles and activities BUT gets frustrated.  It seems he’s coping well with school BUT we have been warned that he’s a “free spirit” and may not cope with a very structured academic enviroment.  ie, Trinity House (private school) that we have booked him into for Grade 1.  We were a little concerned about it right from the time we registed him.  Steve and I being creative people does not give Josh much hope of being happy in a rigid structured system where everybody is made of ‘tikky-tacky and they all look just the same’!

Joshies birthday party at home


Josh celebrated his birthday at home on the 25th May with friends and family and then had a great party a week later with everyone bringing their picnic blanket and joining us a the Mini railways.  The trains kept the kids entertained while the adults caught up.  I must admit that I had a bad dose of flu and felt terrible the day before but made it through just the same.  It went surprisingly well but I was happy to crawl into bed later in the afternoon and hand Josh over to Steve with way too much sugar in his system and enough presents to keep him excited for months!  Thanks to EVERYONE for joining us and for the lovely gifts.



Some of the guests at the party.

Some of the guests at the party.

I tried to get some more structure in our lives and created “family night”.  Friday night, roast chicken and bread rolls will be served while we watch a DVD and chill out on the couch.  As with all my routines I quickly realised that I rebel against the very routines I create.  I now dislike roast chicken intensly and purposely get DVD’s out on Thursday so that we can do something different on Friday nights.  Oh heck – I’m my own worst enemy!

So…tonight is Friday and we are having Pizza!

I’m loving my time with Josh.  He’s so chatty and yes, he tires me out quickly but I love the fact that he is more independant.  He is now in the process of being potty trained which has created a new level of indepence for him.  He took to the peeing in the loo very quickly but is yet to master a poo in the loo.  He hides under a table and goes very quiet for awhile.  I know within 5 minutes of total silence in the house what he’s up to and head off to the bathroom with clean undies and wet wipes.  If I ask him what he’s doing and why not come to the loo to do it there, he tells me to leave him alone.  I’m going to start bribary next unless someone has a better idea.

As for the rest of the family.

Steve and Josh at Bramasole - a weekend away in Magoebaskloof

Steve and Josh at Bramasole – a weekend away in Magoebaskloof

Steve completed the 20 week prison programme at the Krugersdorp maximum security prison.  He had a graduation ceremony for the guys which was a lunch served in courtyard area (FREEZING).  The inmates had an opportunity to express what they had learnt in the course which was really interesting.  I sat next to a  guy who had been the sole survivor in an armed robbery that was interrupted by the police.  Steve said this guy had started off being as tough as nails and not trusting a soul.  He spent alot of the course just shaking his head or holding it in his hands.  I think alot of stuff really hit home to him and drew him out of a life-long way of thinking.  Challenging him in every aspect.  There was a guy who had murdered his wife during a very intense fight and was so resentful of the 10 minutes that it took for him to lose his cool and act in a way that he never thought he was capable of.  He was quiet, respectful man, wise and with such a soft character it was hard to believe what he’d done.  Lunch with murderers, armed robbers and paedophiles went surprisingly well and I felt so overwhelmed by the mixture of emotions I experienced while there.  Steve will write about his experiences soon and I’ll upload it.  He’s hoping to go back again to complete a second programme with a new group at the same prison.


Magoebaskloof weekend. Taking a walk with Keland and Ashley - Robin and Mel's two children.

Magoebaskloof.Taking a walk with Kelland and Ashley – Robin and Mel

Michael is recovering well from his Monticasino Hot Air Balloon accident.  His bruising has gone down but he has a few lumps that have grown in the bruise that may have to be drained or surgically removed at some point.  He has taken legal action against the balloon owner, Absa and Monti but I have no updates on what’s happening, if anything, with that.

Monti casino balloon accident

Monti casino balloon accident

The new lady in his life is Natasha.  She’s full of fun and easy to get along with and very beautiful.  They compliment each other well and I watch on hopefully that this is true love.  Michael is keen to start a family which excites me as I know he’ll make a superb father.  It’s very early days for their relationship though, so I’m sure having babies is not quite on the radar for them for quite some time.  Michael continues to run Live Out Loud magazine and Boiling Point.  Live Out Loud is now available at Woolworths stores so watch out for them!

Mike had a very real and life changing experience at the Mighty Men Conference. His new found relationship with God is a significant turning point for him. We are both thankful and delighted at his new spiritual journey.


Charisse has surprised everyone and is enthusiasitically involved in her new job.  She is now working for Discovery Health in one of their broker firms as a broker consultant.  Yes, a far cry from Criminology….or maybe not :-).  It’s long hours and hard work but an excellent salary and business experience that will get her foot in the door of a whole new world of possibilities.  She was sad to move out of her digs with friends in Pretoria as it marked the end of student life and her very enjoyable time in Pretoria University.    She’s now living with her mom in Dainfern and has just been allowed to take over the west wing as her own separate area.

On a personal note, she’s grown up enormously over the last year and I find a new person emmerging.  Loving her confidence and strong independence and also enjoying a very deep sensitive side that reads situations and people deeply and well. Her spiritual life continues to florish with a very intimate walk with God.

I’ve been putting my head down and working hard for the last few months.  With the recession, people are focused on marketing strategies and my business is booming.  With the property industry being in the slumps and Steve having to take cuts on his salary to keep the company running costs lower, my business boom has been a blessing – as always God’s perfect timing. It’s been tough for both of us but we have just treasured what we have and take one month at a time.  As one business dies so annother one is birthed and opportunities abound in even this market.  God willing, we will continue to find them.


A blessing for you all:

May today there be Peace within.
May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinate possibilities that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.
May you be content.
Let his presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.

With all our love

Steve, Carole and Joshua



  1. What a cool, positive entry. Thank you for sharing. It is great to read what you are all up to.

  2. Thanks for the lovely update – good to see that all of you are so well and happy. Joshua is just such an incredibly gorgeous and beautiful boy! Sigh – I just realised we’ll have to say things like “handsome” or “good-looking” in future as anything else is becoming too girly!

    Much love from both of us.

  3. It looks like great fun was had by ALL. How the time flies – your baby 3 years old now. It seems as though Josh needs to be in a school like Lynford where they do their classes out in the field with the cows. Look on Lynford site! Happy birthday precious boy. Lots of love.

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