Posted by: kitchencabinet100 | November 19, 2009

Eilertsen family council report part 1

Last weekend we had the first Eilertsen family council. The aim is to create myth, legend, identity and family unity. Present were Steve, Caz, Josh, Mike, Natashia, Charisse, Cherie and Granny Dercksen. The event was held at HollyBrooke Farm in the Magaliesburg outside Johannesburg, South Africa.

The end started off will a mighty bang as Granny fell and broke her arm in two places. She was taken to hospital via ambulance which Cherie accompanied. She had surgery the next day and is now doing well even although she is in a lot of pain. The rest of us not to be deterred from a plan that we felt was both important and significant soldiered on.

After a braai supper the council started with the official lighting of the bonfire from the North, South, East and West signifying the arrival of family members from all directions to fulfill a common cause.

The draft family declaration was read by all. After that each member presented their own ‘stuff’ i.e. a picture and object of great personal significance, an old family story and finally a telling of their own story; their past, present and future. The accounts were intimate and immediately created a deeper bond and understanding between all present.

The chalet on Hollybrooke Farm Magaliesburg, South Africa

Joshua starts to learn the 'ways' - making potbrood (pot bread)

African sunset

A lot of work still needs to be done but this was a great start to a new and significant family bonding tradition.


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