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A year in review – 2009

What a whirlwind last year was.  I can’t believe I dropped Josh off at school for the first time  in January last year and watched with a heavy heart as he walked away from being under my care.  We have had loads of firsts….First sports day, first grannies tea and just recently, first concert.

His key role in the concert was…wait for it….a “dish”  Yup, from the rhyme “the dish ran away with the spoon”.  He changed history though and proved that it was not the dish that ran away with the spoon but in fact the spoon who ran away with the dish! Can’t blame the spoon really, he was looking pretty dishy.

Josh the Dish and Adeley the rabit

He has been fortunate enough to have done gymnastics at the school this year which, according to his report, he’s loved.  Annother new activity on his ever increasing social calendar is swimming lessons.   I can finally sit by the side of the pool and watch him paddle around on his own which is very encouraging.  I know he’s nowhere near totally safe yet but he’s more capable than he ever was.

We celebrated his third birthday this year and he is yet to master holding up 3 fingers… but continues to say he’s only two years old.   He swings from being strongly independant and using the phrase. “I can do it all by myself!” and then crawling into my arms and pretending to be a baby.  I must admit to quite enjoying his baby moments as it invariably involves loads of cuddles.

I recently visited a friend of mine with a little girl, Joanna, who’s not quite 3 and Jonathan who’s turning 1 soon.  A mom with two children under the age of 3 has gotta be looked up to…..or admitted into an asylum!  Joanna gave Josh the once over as he got out of the bath and announced, “Josh, you have a Penis!”.  I must admit to being caught totally off guard and being speechless for a moment.  My friends believe strongly in using the correct terms for anatomy.  Josh looked all over his body and wondered what the heck she was referring to.  “No,  it’s a winky”, he announced when he discovered the source of her interest. 🙂

He has amazed us with his ability on the computer.  Confidently opening and closing programs, choosing his favourite YouTube videos or navigating around his games.  I’ve recently upgraded my pc so he’ll be getting his own pc to experiment with shortly.

Something one comes to terms with as a mom is the end of naps on weekends and private bath times.  Those days of lying in the bath quietly reading a book with bubble bath and oils surrounding me are long gone and in their place is a quick shower with Josh shouting over the sound of the water trying to tell me a story through the shower door.  The one good part about the shower experience is there’s someone there to pass you a towel before you even get out into the cold air.  This Josh does each and every shower time with great glee as he loves being “a helper”.  Recently I had a shower while he was busy playing with some toys just outside the door.  I finished my shower and said, “Josh, please pass me a towel.”  He looked up and said “no, do it yourself, I’m busy.”  Ok……I guess my time of being treated to a few luxuries are over so I got my own towel to which he chirped, “good for you mom, you did it all by yourself”.  Hmmmm…..

As a mom of a boy I’ve learnt a great deal about things I had no intention of learning about.  I won’t go into too many details but it includes way too much knowledge about going to the loo and the ability to aim into the toilet and my personal favourite, Josh standing in the lounge with his undies down and staring at his….”Winky” exclaiming….”Look mom, it’s getting BIG!”

We celebrated Christmas differently this year which was fun.  Biscuits and a glass of milk was left out for Santa and his Christmas stocking was filled on Christmas Eve when Santa fills in the middle of the night.  We put out the family nativity scene and have explained the Christmas story to Josh and I think he sort of got it.  It’s been fun and exciting to start new traditions and take Christmas back to the basics again…the mystery, excitement and magic that only a child can re-awaken in us.

After doing “Opposites” with Josh at home he opened his Christmas presents and asked his dad….”what’s the opposite of “sharing is caring””?  It’s amazing how he can test the boundaries already :-).

We have also had to decide on a primary school for Josh.  He’s booked into Trinity House but for several reasons we are not happy with our original choice and needed a plan B.  We found a lovely school called: North West Christian school.  He’ll be heading there for Grade 1 and will probably join Trinity for high school.

Steve and I have had a tough year and I happily closed the door on 2009.  Steve has a new business ventures doing something he loves….working with Motorcycles.  He will be running a company that produces and equipps touring bikes with specialised equipment and accessories.  He’ll also continue his off road motorcycle training from the same company.  It’s hugely exciting and he has enthusiastically dived right into it.

My business had a boom year in 2009 and kept me up late nights and early mornings.  I’ve slowed down for Jan but ready to put in some serious time to get new clients for 2010.  I’m taking it a bit easier this year though and focusing on a more balanced lifestyle.  Heading to the gym will be the first step!

Michael and Natasha have a hectic social calendar so I don’t get to see much of them.  Michael has started a new “brother date” tradition that allows him time with Josh once a month.  His last event was a day out at Fourways mall playing miniture golf and sharing a waffle after.  Josh loves his big brother so this is a huge hit and a tradition I’ll actively encourage.

Charisse has changed from being the student in the family to joining the ranks of the working world.  She has thrown herself into her job at Discovery in one of their brokerages as a Business consultant and does a whole heap of marketing and admin that she’s never had any experience in but seems to be taking it all in her stride and climbing the corporate ladder fast and furiously.

Recently we had a picnic on some rocks overlooking a dam.  Josh played on his own climbing up and down the rocks and nibbling on the snacks and then made his way to our rock.  He climbed up behind us and wrapped his one arm around Steve’s neck and the other arm around my neck and pulled us close to him…”I love you guys.” he said as he cuddled close.  We sat watching the sun going down with our little boy holding us closely and telling us over and over that he loved us both and I realised again…what’s really important.


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